Hello and welcome to farmsteadUSA!

I am excited to meet you at farmsteadUSA, a website that I  created to bring customers and farmers together. If you are striving to live a balanced and healthy life, you will love this place.
Here is a story behind the website: I grew up on a tiny farm in Ukraine.  We grew all of our fruits and vegetables, we had cows, pigs and chickens, and all of our food was 100% homegrown, homemade and organic.  I often joke that the only food we bought was salt and paper, and that statement is pretty close to the truth.  When we moved to the United States, we lived in a city where I often missed the feeling of being on the farm or in the orchard.  Often  as my husband and I drove past an orchard or stopped  by a fruit stand next to the orchard, I would ask the owner if they would allow me to walk between the trees for a few minutes.  Coming out of the orchard, I would feel refreshed and renewed.  I really missed living on the farm and near an orchard.  (And, of course, nothing compares to the "just picked fruits or vegetables" taste."
Often times my friends would ask me: 
- "Do you know where I can buy raw milk?" or
- "I am looking to buy fresh eggs? Do you know anyone who sells eggs?" or
-"Do you know if _________ Farm is selling u-pick strawberries yet?" 
Those questions made me realize that there is really no good place to find that information and to subscribe for updates from the farms. And that is how the idea of farmsteadUSA was born. 
Please come back often as we are growing. More and more farms, recipes and blog posts are added every day.  You can also subscribe to your favorite farm to see when a farmer posts updates on crops or other important information.