3 tips for choosing the yummiest watermelon

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Many of us have been faced with choosing a watermelon and know that standing in front of a box full of watermelons can be intimidating.  All of them look pretty much the same, but how can you be sure that when you bring it home it won't be soggy? A woman at the store saw my technique and asked me to share my method with her. Now I would like to share it with you

Here are a few guidelines that will help you.

1.  Are they "in season"?

Watermelons require lots of sun and prolonged hot weather to ripen.  If it's February and you are hoping to buy a watermelons, the chance to buy a great sweet one is pretty slim the farther you are from the closest "hot weather spot." For example if you, like me, live in Western Washington, by February you probably forgot how the sun even looks.  If you see  watermelons at the store, they probably came from Arizona or Mexico.  Now, think of how long it took to pick them, load on them on the a truck, deliver them  (probably  3-7 days on the road) and for them to get chosen by you.  All this is to say that these watermelons were picked before they were fully ripened, and they won't taste as great as local ones. 


If at all possible try to buy products that are in season; otherwise, be ready to lower your expectations a little.


2.  Size matters

The smaller the watermelon the less time and sun it takes for them to ripen; therefore,  the greater chance is that it will be ripe and sweet. So if you are buying a watermelon off season, look for a smaller size if possible.


3.  My trick.

So what was I doing when that lady asked me for advice?  I was listening to a watermelon.  Yes, that's right, listening.  This of this: Imagine that you are holding a kids’ plastic bucket full of water.  Now tap with the knuckles on it.  What sound you expect to hear?  It will be a dull sound.  Now think of an empty bucket. The sound would almost have an echo to it.  That’s how you listen to a watermelon. If the watermelon is ripe and crisp, it’s going to have that short bright sound.  If it’s soggy inside it would have a dull sound.  Go ahead and tap on a few and listen.  I wish you luck choosing the best, the yummiest watermelon.  


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