Featured farm: Duris Cucumber Farm in Puyallup, WA

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Going shopping to Duris Cucuber Farm is one the "must do"  for me each summer.  It's conviniently located off of River Rd in Puyallup and is open late July to mid September .  When you get there it's a world of it's own.  They sell so many local fruits and vegetables and the dispalays are rustic and each is full of character.


Cucumbers come in all sizes and are tasty and crispy, just like they should be. They are great for snacking, salads and pickling.  

Produce that is not grown by Duris is from local farms as well. 

Local honey smells like a bouquet of flowers and tastes amazing. 

Stop by to check it and soon it will be come your favorite shopping spot for produce is the summer.  


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