How to choose a perfect avocado

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1. Press is lightly

An ripe avocado is barely soft.  Go ahead and squeeze it--but please do it lightly. You will know what you need to know from the softest touch, and you won’t damage the fruit for the seller.  If the avocado is too soft, it's overripe, and you will have to eat it in a day or two.  Sometimes a too soft avocado indicated that the decaying process has already began inside. Yuck!

2. Look at the color of the fruit. 

A skin of a ripe fruit is black; a green skin tell you that you may need to give it a few days.  

3. Better to buy a green avocado than a overripe one.

If only hard avocados with green skins are available for purchase, don't worry. You can bring them home and give them some time to ripen.  Leave them out of the fridge overnight (or for a few days) until they soften (the skin won't always get darker), then transfer to the fridge and enjoy!

Want to know my favorite (and simple) way to eat avocado?  Spread it on the whole grain slice of bread, salt it to taste and enjoy a healthy snack!

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