How to make the best of your farmers market trip

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One of my favorite summer activities is visiting a farmers market.  I like to make it a family affair and to enjoy a Saturday out.   Here are my tips to making the best of your trip.


Things to bring with you:

  • cash
  • reusable bags
  • bottled water
  • a blanket to sit (if the farmers market has a picnic area)
  • your kids 
  1. Have a plan, but feel free to be adventurous 

Have a shopping list for what you want to buy, but leave room for those yummy finds that will surprise you.  Ask a farmer for recipe ideas on unfamiliar fruits or veggies. 

  1. Go as a family

Did you know that many people in US do not eat healthy simply because they don't know how to shop for healthy food and how to prepare them.  Let your kids get used to the idea of shopping for their produce and talking to farmers early on.  Tell them what you are looking for and explain to them the process of how you are choosing what to buy.  

  1. Make a circle

If you are anything like me, you simply can't wait for a fresh produce that smells amazing, and you are ready to buy everything at the first stand.  Instead, walk around to get a sense of what's available, and then go back to purchase your products. 

  1. Grab a snack

Farmers Markets are often known for a good food from a food truck - take advantage of that and you won't have to cook lunch at home. Our family favorite is buying corn on a cob. My husband, Michael loves it, and doesn't mind standing in line for the second helpings. Joanna loves pop corn.  I can be sure that she will ask me for some. And me? I love flash-frozen yogurt. 

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