Lavender as a perfume mixer or a stand-alone perfume.

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We all know that a making a good first impression is very important. Well, one of the ways we can do it is if we are wearing a nice perfume.  I am, however, sensitive to most perfumes and can only wear a few expensive brands; all others give me a headache and I feel irritated from their smell.  So I am always on the look-out for other options. 

My instructor at college was wearing this amazing perfume, so I asked her what it was.  "It smells really expensive," I told her.  


She smiled and said: "Oh, I just put a few drops of lavender oil behind me ear."


"That's it?" I asked and she replied "Yes".  


I decided to take it a step farther and mix it with my Chanel Mademoiselle.  So when I put on Chanel, I then added a few drops of lavender behind my ears. Whenever I wear them together I often get compliments, and people tell me what my perfume smells amazing.


Go ahead and try to mix lavender oil with your favorite perfume or wear it alone and share in comments how you like it.


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