Not all salmon was created equal

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Salmon is a popular and nutritious fish, and many easy and yummy dishes can be made from it, including salmon baked in the oven.  This is what I've heard over and over, but when I tried preparing it in the oven I simply didn't like it.  I couldn't understand what the hype was all about.   I consider myself a good cook, but no matter what recipe I used, it simply did not turn out good.  And then an older chef shared with me that "not all salmon is created equal."


Here is a list of salmon of salmon starting from top rated.  Whenever at all possible go for the wild caught, but even wild caught salmon from "lower" class, will not taste as good, as farm raised in the "upper class"

  1. King Salmon (rare)
  2. Atlantic (the most popular) 
  3. Steelhead
  4. All the rest of them...

After I've learn this I never buy lower than Atlantic, and the baked salmon dishes started tasting amazing.  (And it's not all due to the fact that I am an amazing cook. )


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